“…ella, su corazón, mariposa sangrienta
que con sus dos antenas de instinto me ha tocado!…”

When I was a child and looked at my parents,
I saw two adults playing like children
and I knew that was the essence of happiness.
I felt joy in their laughs,
I saw real love in their looks.
Laughing together is the most beautiful expression of love, isn’t it?

All of my life I’ve been looking for the same kind of complicity,
that is, for me, the real key to sensual pleasure.

We often lose ourselves in search of quick pleasures, fleeting moment and easily to accomplish wishes.
It’s waiting, instead, that makes love true.

Let your hair down, cuddle your body, cover your eyes, choose a different way to experience eroticism.

I have the perfect accessories for you.
They will arouse you, even before they touch you.

Your Delia


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