We really care about your privacy. That’s why you can go for the anonymous package option, which guarantees your privacy.

Our parcels are without logos and the sender is a generic address not referable to us. You can receive it at home or in the office, the shipper doesn’t even know its content.

Once the parcel has been ordered, our carrier will send it to you, you can track the shipment by going directly on the “MODIFY” section on our shipper website. The package will not have any element referable to us.

Receive your anonymous package

  • Order

    Proceed to purchase one of our products on the our web site’s shop section.

  • Address

    Indicate your home, office or general delivery address with confidence, your privacy is a priority for us and is 100% guaranteed.

  • No logos, no labels

    Receive the package without any logos or labels related to us.